Best Position to Sleep With Arthritic Knees

Back Sleeping

Arthritic knees can make it difficult to sleep, but there are ways of avoiding waking up in pain. One such solution is sleeping in the right position. When selecting a mattress and pillows, opt for one that provides support but isn't too hard. This will help maintain proper spinal alignment and keep your back free of discomfort during the night.

Side Sleeping

One of the ideal sleeping positions for arthritis-prone knees is side sleep, as it aligns your spine and allows your glymphatic system to operate at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, this position helps control snoring and improves digestion. People who sleep on their stomachs typically snore more, as well as being more vulnerable to digestive issues like heartburn. Most people do not experience a health risk from this position, but those with congestive heart failure should avoid it. Therefore, those suffering from this condition are advised to steer clear of this position.

Hip Sleeping

From hips and knees to feet and beyond, pain in these areas can keep you from getting enough shut-eye. But with some simple adjustments in your sleeping position and mattress, you may find relief from this discomfort. Due to this compression on the outer side of the greater trochanter, some individuals with gluteal tendinopathy or greater trochanteric pain syndrome may find lying on their sides more sore. To reduce pressure points around these tender structures, you could try using a mattress topper; alternatively you may be able to avoid side lying altogether if you have a history of osteoarthritis in your hip joint.

Knee Sleeping

If you're dealing with knee pain, the ideal position to sleep in is usually on your back with one leg elevated. This helps improve blood flow and take pressure off the affected area. If your knees are becoming too stiff to bear the strain of walking, try placing a pillow between them. This will reduce pressure on the IT band and stop bones from rubbing against each other.

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