How to Style Your Hair With a Ponytail

Anybody with long hair needs a ponytail, but unless you add a few extra features, they may get dull quickly. A ponytail may be made genuinely trendy with just a little extra work, whether it is braided, twisted, or decorated with a lovely ribbon. Start with sleek, dry hair and a quick spritz of texturizing or shine spray. After applying a small amount of gel to your lengths and roots, arrange your strands into a ponytail.


In addition to being a useful technique to keep hair out of your face, ponytails can easily update any ensemble. We have lots of suggestions for how to make this understated hairstyle stand out, whether you're wearing a low center-parted ponytail or a sleek high ponytail with wand curls. For an easy, red carpet-ready look, take Blake Lively's signature mid-ponytail and twist it with a few wispy front pieces. For this style, make sure you use real hair cutting scissors rather than craft or kitchen scissors.

Halfway through

Try this half-down ponytail for a lovely, dynamic look if your hair is naturally long. To assist get the bubbled-up effect, spritz on some dry texture spray. Then, backbrush the roots to make them smooth before tying the hair up into a low ponytail. Use a lovely bow to give this look a hint of luxury. Adding a silk hair scarf or a basic craft ribbon will quickly make your ponytail appear more put together.


Any ensemble can benefit greatly from the polish and professionalism that a high ponytail can bring. Try adding some easy, fashionable hair accessories, like a bow or a lovely hair clip, to give your hair a little extra edge. For a more romantic appearance, consider tying your ponytail with a few face-framing curls if you have long hair. In order to accomplish this, rough dry your hair to emphasise structure and form a central section. Then, tie the style into a playful, low ponytail at the nape of your neck.


A simple elastic band and your favourite hair product are all that are needed for this classic ponytail style. Apply Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray on your ponytail to give it an extra-slimmed appearance. Try this look with a slight twist for a lovely and simple update: Take a tiny piece of your ponytail and wrap it partially around the elastic's base. The end of the knotted strand can be hidden beneath your hairspray with bobby pins.


A lovely bow or flower gives the traditional ponytail a cute update, adding a whimsical and enjoyable element to this stylish haircut. Start with dry, clean hair and mist your strands with a heat protectant to get the desired effect. Next, collect your hair into a low ponytail and fasten it with a transparent elastic. Take off a couple of face-framing strands to add some dimension to the look. Apply a last touch of hairspray to secure your style.


Regardless of your preference for braiding your hair or cornrowing it, this ponytail will completely transform your look. Constance Wu, Gabrielle Union, and Yara Shahidi adore this style for its sophisticated seductiveness and layer of security. Start with a high ponytail and comb back to achieve the desired effect. You now have a top braided ponytail after using your fingers to separate the ponytail and reach through to grab the lower ponytail below. The key to this hairstyle's flawless slicked-back look, according to bicoastal hairdresser Cherin Choi, is a thick layer of gel. She recommends goods such as Wall Street Strong Hold Gel from R&Co.


Summertime and holiday vibes may be effortlessly channelled with a twisted ponytail, especially if you choose thick rope twists. You're ready for a date night when you pull them back into a low, playful ponytail and add a few face-framing accent twists! Make careful to divide your tangled hair into large, manageable portions before beginning any work. Then, to achieve the greatest results, hydrate and nourish your curls before style with a nourishing hair milk like Mielle's Rice Water Moisturising Milk.


This is a terrific style to try if you want to dress up your ponytail for a special occasion. This appears stylish and professional, perfect for a major work meeting or a night out. To make it easier for your fingers to grip, start with a tight ponytail and then curl the small section that you wish to wrap around your hair elastic. After wrapping it, fix the hair tie by tucking the ends in.

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