How Do I Train My Dog to Come When Called?

Reward Your Dog

Training your dog to come when called can be a challenging process, but you can make it more rewarding for both of you by using rewards. Food treats, belly rubs or playtime are great rewards that will build motivation and encourage your pup to come more often. Begin by rewarding your dog with their favorite treats or toys when they come when called consistently. Doing this helps create a positive association with the cue, so your pup knows that coming when called always results in rewards!

Keep it Simple

When training your pup, it is essential to keep things straightforward. Focus on providing positive reinforcement instead of punishment. If you want your dog to come when called, start by teaching them the basic command in short but frequent training sessions. Doing this will help your pup understand that in order to receive a treat when called upon, they must obey.

Don’t Forget About Distractions

Training your dog to listen when faced with distractions can seem impossible, but it is completely achievable with patience and a strategic plan. All you need to do is identify what causes their distraction, then divide the task up into manageable chunks. Distractions are any items that might divert your dog's focus away from paying attention to you. They can range in level from low (a person walking by, crumbs on the floor) to high (a squirrel running through a tree).

Keep it Fun

Teaching your dog how to come when called is a critical skill for canine safety and can be quite enjoyable. However, remember never let them off leash around cars or other potential hazards while teaching this behavior. Start your recall training off on a positive note by setting up an engaging game that involves your dog in an interactive and challenging way. Most importantly, keep it enjoyable for both of you so that they look forward to doing it each time.

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